Friday, 23 April 2010

Pies from St Pancras

I've got another problem, to add to my cookery book obsession... "My
name is Mim and I have an addiction" Well, addiction is a bit
strong... Try penchant.
Smoked chicken and leek to be precise, from Peyton & Byrne at St
Pancras international station (to go into real specifics). I first
picked one up on the way back from a hard day's work in the Guildford
office. Passing through London thought "Peyton... as in Oliver Peyton?
The one that looks a bit like the Green Goblin on Great British Menu,
sits on Prue Leith's right? Food Writer, Restaurateur...I wonder his cooking as good as his critique?"
Delicately parcelled up in a very understated lichen green box, labelled with a font that could have been lifted from an old railway poster (not a whiff of comic sans anywhere) the shop assistant popped my purchases delicately into a brown paper bag. Best place. Over 2 hours of train journey, 20min stop at Waitrose, 10mins on the bus (and the hurling together of a mushroom gravy, mashed potato and wilted spinach) later the pie was still warm. A pastry miracle. Absolutely delicious. Nice one Oli. However, Mister Peyton listen up - your cookies aren't much cop and your rose chocolate is a bit of a let down. It might be OK for the kids at home to make a tasty treat by melting down their cheap Easter egg chocolate, mix it with rose water and wrap it in low grade cartridge paper but I think you should know better.
I've got one of his pies in my bag now. This time I'm on my way back from a training course in Watford. This train from London is packed some and the Pie have got to stand. This can't go on... they don't come cheap neither, I think this weekend will be a pie making weekend - I'm feeling inspired. I also got ragged for using a bread maker therefore I reckon a handmade walnut loaf is on the cards too. Check back on Monday- might even include proper recipes! X

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