Saturday, 26 June 2010

Cakes and Canapés

It's all happening now; amidst the chaos of throwing myself back into
life full pelt things are turning out pretty rosy.
Based on a selection of experimental canapés flung together for Sayda
and Jacks engagement party last year my foodie reputation has landed
me my first official caterer gig! On Sunday I shall be churning out
platters of delicate canapés, cold meats, and an array of desserts for
a joint 90th birthday party.

The desserts particularly are filling me with pangs of fear, i have a
habit of saying yes too often and this is no exception, roulade,
tiramisu and pavlova are all fragile desserts with high chance of
failure and I can feel beads of perspiration on my brow just thinking
about their execution-or mine if they all fall flat! I feel extremely
flattered that I have been asked to cater, now it's time to crack out
the balloon whisk and rolling pin and call for back up in the form of
my oldest and dearest newly wed Sayda, 2010 elected president of
Nottingham city WI Kerry and WI secretary with silver service
credentials Rhianedd.

Somehow not only am I able to indulge in such a dalliance with my dream
profession over the weekend but I've also managed to land myself a new
Currently experiencing the beautiful torture of not yet knowing
everything about someone but being childishly impatient to find out; I
find that I am vomit-inducingly happy right now.

I simply can't wait to don my chef whites this weekend and give
these canapés my best shot. If that wasn't enough in July I will be
giving a talk to the WI on salads and getting them to whisk up a
stolen and fool proof recipe for the definitive French vinaigrette
before I book myself on a
Petit Vacance to Paris.

Amidst all this, in those fleeting moments of down time I shall be
holding hands and asking lots of interested questions.


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