Saturday, 17 July 2010

La Salade

"Salad... Yes, salad is green, sometimes crunchy and shop bought is
This is as far as I have gotten and it's nearly midnight on the day before my talk at the WI. At 7:30pm tomorrow I will be attempting to be the authority on this stereotypically healthy, wholesome foodstuff and I all I've put is it's "sometimes crunchy".
I woke up this morning in Plymouth, have sent positively confrontational text messages to an old flame and am now in a bar on my own in Nottingham on a Tuesday night, I'm not sure that this is progress.

Good intentions required seasonality in my food shopping and I have failed Mrs Beeton initially but clawed it back by delegating that task to a lovely veg box delivery service (thank you Abel & Cole, big tick). I also planned to write my salad based cookery demonstration weeks ago but I didn't, luckily I had the foresight to book the day off tomorrow, which I think lessens the potential disgrace of my current location.

Wish me luck as I whirl whisks in front of around 15-20 intelligent women & attempt to enlighten them to the wonders of vinaigrette. Is this a good idea?


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