Wednesday, 25 August 2010

What shall we do with the Jammie Dodgers....?

I'll come clean, I've been avoiding you.
August has been a somewhat turbulent month; love affairs, work pressures and a trial shift in a professional kitchen took their toll on me. You might be pleased to hear that an unassuming cottage pie and
a big batch of chocolate brownies lifted my spirits and put me back on track.

Secrets, lies and delicate negotiations have been the
flavour of this month so I've had to keep a low blogging profile (which sounds much more exciting than it was). I handed in my notice at the office at the beginning of August and had to keep it quiet until clients were informed but now all is out in the open and thoroughly enjoyed a cosmopolitan (or 5) at my leaving do.

In times of stress my relationship with food becomes distant and separated, but now with everything dealt with and the piles of neglected washing up tackled I have soaked some dried Porcini mushrooms to give a little substance to a comfortingly simple cottage pie.

With my taste buds returning I felt a dinner party was in order - but not just any old dinner party of course! I plumped for a light hearted approach; a la Ready Steady Cook. My
guests arrived with an ingredient each and a bottle of wine. I love my friends...but what on earth was I supposed to do with Butternut Squash, Roquefort Cheese, Cooked Seafood Selection and a bag of Mini Jammie Dodgers?!

Contemplating sloping off out the back door and "accidentally" disposing of the Jammie Dodgers, I bravely composed myself with a large gulp of vino, toasted the legendary Keith Floyd and went with the flow.
The result was edible, but not a delight; an "interesting" savoury Roquefort cheesecake, followed by a rather anemic looking Paella...not bad.

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  1. I think you'll find that the cheese cake was awesome. Cheesey bacony biscuity jammy and dodgery but all the same a taste sensation. The problem being now we know what you're capable of - can you imagine what we'll being next time!?!?!