Sunday, 27 November 2011

Shakespeare à Noël

When Suba called me in for a consultation meeting I was still stuffed 
full of cold and feeling less than inspiring. However, I came away 
with some scribbled notes and the sinking feeling that I would not be 
able to take any annual leave this December.

Suba Das is an absolute firecracker. My limited experience of theatre 
directors pictures them swathed in black pyjama-like outfits and 
enveloped by a large black shawl which is hurled expressively over 
his/her shoulder whilst booming out things like "fabulous darling" or 
clapping wildly exclaiming "No no no no no, I can't work like this!"
Suba Das certainly isn't anything like the dodgy caricature from my 
brain tank. Firstly he always looks immaculate and terrifyingly good 
looking. When he's working he carries an expression which clearly 
indicates he has about 459 things on his mind at once and despite his 
slight figure is possibly one of the toughest people I know. 
Basically, in a fight, he'd win. Any fight. It comes as no surprise 
that he is currently one of the hottest most sort after directors in 
theatre right now.
When Suba asks you to do something; you say yes. Luckily, all I've had 
to say yes to is coming up with a new mulled wine recipe (and a non- 
alcoholic version) for his production of Shakespeare's The Winter's 
Tale. Sounds easy enough. Oh, what's that Suba? You need me to source 
the ingredients for 45 audience members each night for 18 
performances? Oh and it's open air, and there's not really a kitchen, 
or a hob? Right. I'm on it!
To find out more check out the Cakes and Canapés website

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