Thursday, 22 March 2012

Ooh c'est nouveau!

I often get asked "so what kind of food do you do then?" and I am usually pretty stumped for a decent answer. Mostly I just panic and say "whatever you like" or "everything!" and fling my arms about enthusiastically so that they think I'm quirky and they move away.

The truth is I eat almost everything (although there are a couple of flavours for which the jury is still out on whether I like them or not; things like aniseed and liquorish). Most of the time I am perfectly happy in the kitchen hurling something together from whatever the hell I can find, a style of cooking which doesn't often fit with one particular type of cuisine. 
The list of the dishes I have not yet attempted however, has sparked my imagination recently and I announced to Richard that I would be making chips for dinner for no other reason other than that I had never made them before.
As a kid we never deep fried anything, ever. We weren't raised on a diet of quinoa and sea kelp or anything, in fact we had fish and chips many times, but they were always from the local chippy. I think it was probably the fire risk involved and perhaps the tricky business of having to dispose of large quantities of waste oil afterwards that meant the first time I successfully deep fried anything I was 25 and was tasked with making falafel for someone else's Lebanese dinner party (mild panic ensued). 
So, last week on a whim I fired up a large pan of vegetable oil, looked up a recipe and dug out a thermometer. I found this hairy bikers recipe and it worked a treat! The only change I made was to leave the skins on, after all I wouldn't want to miss out on those minerals! 

Other things on my culinary bucket list are doughnuts, puff pastry, pork pies, tempura, fresh noodles, onion bahjis, oh and I've never boiled a crab or a lobster. 

What's on your list, I'd love to know. What foods have you eaten loads but never actually made from scratch?

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