Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Tea in Aberystwyth

Right now I am lucky enough to be in a gorgeous hotel (well, "restaurant with rooms") called Gwesty Cymru in Aberystwyth, and shortly I will be getting ready to eat in their restaurant again (it's a tough life!!)
I love it here, I got up this morning for a jog before breakfast along the impressive expanse of tempestuous sea. I'm not the sandy beach, clear blue sea kind of person. My childhood holidays were North Norfolk shingle beaches in the middle of winter and I am calmed by the rough sea, light rain and high winds; which for me puts everything into perspective and makes me feel comfortably small, so I'm in my element here!

Jonny and I have gone all geeky about Tea recently and bought as many different types of leaf tea we can lay our hands on and all manner of teapots, cups and strainers. I've gone so far as to bring little pots of chamomile and gunpowder green tea with me so I can make tea in the hotel room.

After work today I was instructed to go to "The Mecca" a small but wonderfully stocked Tea and Coffee Merchant. I could feel my eyes widen at the selection, like being a little kid in the ultimate sweet shop...I did not want to leave until I had bought everything, but I restrained myself and only bought four different types of tea. I couldn't wait so I've already polished off a cup of dragon phoenix jasmine pearls. This may sound like an ornament from a shop which sells incense and dream catchers but was absolutely delicious.

Eventually, when we've got to grips with the main types of tea the plan is to start blending our favourites and match them to our cakes and canap├ęs (an obvious labour of love).

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  1. Mmmm Tea. I'm a big fan of the good ol' mint tea. I should probably become a bit more adventurous and try something a bit different. Any suggestions?
    I saw the film Julie and Julia the other day and it made me think of you Mim.x