Thursday, 4 February 2010

A return to Cakes and Canapés

January 2010

I'll come clean, I set up this blog with a motive...the dream of culinary fame and fortune. Please don't feel cheated I had my nose stuck in food magazines and the latest issue of Observer Food Monthly jealously learning of young twenty somethings who had become highly successful food writers from blogging about the best Chorizo and the quickest pesto.

I thought I'd stick a bunch of photos of some loopy cakes I've made and make a few choice quips and boom - best selling books and a cake shop to boot.

The cake shop plan was to be a joint effort, a dream that has since died with the end of a 4 year romance.
A month or so of heartache and a side step from the kitchen and eating all together I'm coming back to the land of the living, new house, new kitchen and new ideas. No longer clawing at dreams but instead excited about a future with no structure, no plans, just a fluid development of ideas.

Bon appetit!

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