Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Pie Promises

Peyton & Byrne inspired a pie making session on Sunday night. It was a bit full on, an evening almost embarrassingly food focused.
I was so sleepy from entertaining a house full of friends and family over
the weekend that I curled up on the sofa with Harry Eastwood's
Red Velvet Chocolate Heartache where she exchanges the fat content in
cakey offerings with a rogue vegetable. I nodded off for
an hour or so, dreaming of parsnip muffins, chocolate & aubergine
concoctions and swede with lemon & lavender.

I woke up in a panic. As well as the bread-sans-breadmaker I had promised all 4 of my lovely readers a pie. I stuck Heston Blumenthal shows on the laptop and set to work. 
First I roasted a whole chicken. This wasn't a deliberate extravagance but it was the only free range chicken available in the supermarket that morning. It's got to be free range...ok?   Good.

Once the chicken was roasted I added it to a simple sauce of finely
d onion, mushrooms and Crème fraîche. I added depth with juniper,
pepper, bay and a star anise. Encased the lot in a rich, solid but crumbly
pastry (thanks Richard Corrigan) nestled in healthy sized clay dishes. It was getting on for 11pm and the oven was on low because I also had a meringue in there... obviously. I got a phone call from the aforementioned west mids eco keenie. It was really rather pleasant, talked for an hour or so whilst I pottered and clattered about the kitchen.

I've had a bit of a confidence knock thus far. Dating tip # 1 was "learn to cook" this I can do in abundance, but what about the rest? I've been holding my head high, but high from behind a loaf of Walnut Bread, Chicken Pie and Violet French Fancies. 
What else is there? 
What else have I got to offer? 
What do I want to offer? 
In any case surely relationships aren't solely about the exchange of skills and commodities?
There's a lot of soul searching ahead, it's not as simple as a roast
chicken pie, more a delicate, precarious
croquembouche! Dating tip # 2 ...


  1. The food looked amazing Mim! Yeah, the whole dating thing, I wish (after all these years) I had the answers ;-)

  2. Finally! I am a follower! This isn't just so that I don't miss out on any future pie promotions obviously. However if retrospective pieing is tip no 2, despite it's cheesy nature (a full on mature, soggy brie no less) is that you've enough to offer AND then there is the food so don't worry. Besides if worst comes to worse i'll lend you a few of the cats I'll no doubt acquire. Or do men have different animals that old cat ladies? Must do some research!