Wednesday, 19 May 2010

May Bank Holiday

This first bank holiday weekend has been about dispelling myths. I have returned to Nottingham with a full stomach and a bag of wild garlic and goats cheese after what can only be described as a foody marathon in Hampshire. My brother Jon, his girlfriend Em and I systematically quashed the following myths: Sausages are difficult to make - absolute nonsense
we made two different kinds of sausage; cumin, honey & chili and apple, shallot & oregano
 which were both delicious and were easy and fun to make.
 Rabbit tastes like mud - this was my own imposition, perhaps I had only ever had bad rabbit,
but this weekend we made a fantastic pie
with tarragon, mushrooms, cider and creme fraîche.
Croissants are impossible, Em absolutely smashed this and made the most delicious, buttery little arcs which would knock any coffee shop's bake-from-frozen efforts into next week.
We cooked, ate, ran around a Farmers Market   with eyes disproportionate to our tummies
and overdosed on 4od's Smörgåsbord of cookery show back catalogues, anything from mid nineties Nigel Slater to 
Jamie's latest offerings.
All washed down with Jon's Nettle Beer  
... or Ems ginger cordial...or my spicy cola- this blog post is verging on the ridiculous; as I list our culinary antics I recognise I am holding back, an impossible amount of food was made, discussed and knowledge shared and dissected.
Oooh and we went to Em's parent's house for tea and cake,
 and then...
 and then...

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