Wednesday, 10 November 2010

La patience est une vertu

My generation does remember life before mobile phones and the Internet, but only just.
As a result of all this electronic assistance and world shrinking technology my attention span has shrunk and my expectations have ballooned.
It's not just me. Cries of "she should be texting me like, all the time if it's right between us" and "why hasn't he called me?... how hard can it be to pick up the phone?" flow in a steady stream from my phone to my sympathetic ear.
We are trapped in a world where if it doesn't happen now it doesn't happen at all.
Is the generation below us less stressed because they've only ever known it this way and are our older counterparts quietly giggling at the absurdity of it all with their mobile switched off reading the paper?

Paranoid and impatient.

This week my impatience has peaked but with the oven. I have tested my immunity as I served myself could-have-probably-done-with-another-10minutes-shortbread and well-it's-meant-to-be-a-little-pink-so-I-think-it's-alright-pigeon.
In a vague attempt to reclaim my sanity last night I switched off my phone for a whole 3 hours and read a book, an activity I highly recommend.

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