Monday, 1 November 2010


I got the idea for this latest entry from a copy of Grazia Magazine and several members of the WI (make of that what you will!)
Our not-yet-1-year-old WI had its first fete last month and it will be no surprise to you all that I was down to run the cake stall. Very soon after setting up shop the comments started flying around. I am not self conscious about my weight generally, except perhaps at certain times of the month when I become self conscious about everything (too much information):

"You can't eat any of the cakes you make if you look like that"..."yes isn't she skinny". Well I do cook and eat and I don't go to the gym either. The only exercise I get is walking into town, shopping and throwing out some inebriated fresh moves on dance floors from here to Bristol.

Confined to a hotel room for a few days I decided I wanted a copy of the Guardian, Vogue or even Harper's Bazaar but the Total Garage at Llandudno Junction only had Grazia so I gave it a whirl. Apparently "Cheryl and Ex get nasty", jumpers with squirrels on the front are "in" and they can ..."exclusively reveal what Jennifer Anniston really eats".

So to dispel the rumors from the Women's Institute that I don't eat anything and to elevate my self importance to the level of Hollywood Super Star here are some of the things I ate over 5 days....

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