Sunday, 9 January 2011

Jusqu'ici tout va bien

I don't think I have started a New Year with so much New on the horizon. New Relationship, New Friends, New Projects, looking for a New Home and a stack of fresh New Year's Resolutions.

We took a risk with the New Year's Day dinner and cooked something I had never made or even tasted before - Haggis.
Seeing as my favourite food is liver, I was not worried about the offal ingredients but in a haze of New Year's Day hangover, I was fretting a little over the texture.

Traditionally Haggis is served with mashed potatoes and mashed suede or turnips. I confess the idea of a plate of components with such similar consistencies did not fill me with any initial excitement. I have always been a fan of contrasts. The simplest plate of rich, creamy, homemade macaroni cheese is transformed into a dinner party smash hit with a crisp green salad gilded with a sharp vinaigrette. With Haggis, Neeps & Tatties; where was the crunch or sharp contrast? I was convinced it would be a bland mushy disappointment. How wrong I was. The whole plate was a rich, soft, tasty and delicious surprise. It even prompted me to blurt out in an oh-so-not-casual nor delicate fashion, to my boyfriend (of just 3 weeks) "we should definitely eat this every year!". Luckily he did not bolt out of the door at such a bold statement of culinary and personal commitment but simply polished off the left overs with boyish enthusiasm.

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