Friday, 21 January 2011

Oh là là

When in London my default locations are the V&A and Harrods food court. You will no doubt, find me either pottering  aimlessly under towering sculptures (towards collections of intricate embroidery) or skipping down the opulent food court aisles, wittering on about the decorative layer of ash in Morbier cheese.
I can "bang on" about food whilst the fat lady sings and continue long after the cows have come home and gone to bed (much like the next food blogger). I do understand that this is an acquired taste (pun after pun after pun after....) but I can't help it. I'm excited and inspired by food.
With London being so very vast and diverse I always see it as holding a lifetime of culinary adventures. Turn a corner to discover an opulent selection of cakes in a hidden bakery, exotic fruits and vegetables at the most unassuming local independent grocer and incredible taste explosions at secret supper clubs. Each time I visit I get even more ideas and coming home again gets harder and harder. London is calling. This latest visit was no exception. My head is buzzing with recipes, voice is horse from food gossiping and belly is full of greedy treats (aka "Research").
I think my dream job at the moment would be to t
ake a group of eager foodies on a weekend
 whistle-stop tour of London Town! We'd start at Hackney City Farm
for their cooked breakfast,
 trot off to Harrods Food Court just to look the outrageously opulent design and spot the odd celebrity! Then buy a big box of salads and selection of cakes from Ottolenghi's,
 oh and black pudding scotch eggs from Selfridge's, all to be scoffed at a picnic on benches along the Southbank. We wash these down with lashings of pressed apple juice from Broadway Market. The evening would, of course, be spent at the latest Supper Club du jour. Last week I was invited to Alphabet Soup where we all devoured the letter K! I have never been so full and ate the most delicious menu feasting on Kohlrabi, Kidney beans, Kimchi, Kangaroo, Kumquats and Kulfi. Hats off to Chef Victoria!
So, who's game for a Cakes and Canapes foodie trail? Who can lend me a big umbrella?
You'll return home belly full, recipe note book brimming and oyster card balance: £0.00


  1. I have a cupboard of umbrellas you can help yourself too.

  2. Your food tour sounds fab. If I ever find myself in London, I'm totally hitting you up to show me around...