Friday, 1 April 2011

Dauphinoise vert pour les acteurs s'il vous plaît!

The story of how Richard and I met is quite romantic. He trod on my foot at a party where neither of us should have been... and that was that.
I have never met anyone quite like Richard, so full of life, silly, talented and funny - oh and he can talk to the animals too! And now we've just moved in together (ahhh) correction; I have just moved in with Richard, Laura and Jayne, 3 brilliant actors, shoehorning hundreds of cookery books and a full Welsh dresser into a 3 bedroom flat in Finsbury Park.
It is cramped, but it is undoubtedly the best decision I've ever made.
Laura and Jayne are really easy to live with and so far they seem pretty happy to come home to a surprise cake or a plate of leftover falafel.
We all keep quite different hours in the fl
at but occasionally we do get to sit down together and share a bottle of wine or even a bite to eat. Even rarer are the occasions when we can all cook together, but one day after busy days and emotional auditions we decided that a big communal meal was needed. We stormed Waitrose and decided to make Lambs liver with salsa verde, peas and dauphinoise. Each of us had elements of the dish of which we were in charge. I was on salsa verde duty, Richard made the dauphinoise and the liver, Jayne did the peas and started the dessert of grasshopper squares.
Suddenly we realised that the meal was going to be very green indeed and through beer induced giggling it was decided that we should go with this green theme as much as possible. The green food colouring was out for the grasshopper squares and so my new thespian friends sheepishly asked if we could add some of the food colouring to the dauphinoise too. "Oh why the hell not" I replied. Moving to
London was the best idea, definitely, but adding green food colouring to potatoes and cream; bad idea. It was funny, we did laugh but when eating it I couldn't get the gunge tank from Noel's House Party out of my head.

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