Friday, 22 April 2011

Il n'y a pas d'affaires comme le show-business

If I'm being completely honest; occasionally I have been drunk, and about 6 months ago I was drunk on twitter. Thankfully I only signed up to a food and drink PR database before I nodded off and nothing worse.
I completely forgot about it until I received a lovely email inviting me to a Total Greek Yoghurt
cookery masterclass at L'atelier du Chefs. The phrase "Only in London" springs to mind.

I emailed straight back trying to find out what the catch was. Seemingly they were offering a free cookery class, with guest speakers Hala El Shafie and Phil Moore with the opportunity to meet and chat to loads of other foodies and food bloggers and eat free food.

Turns out there was no catch. All I had to do was show up.

I rocked up in a shirt and tie, and had a laugh. I am always a little overwhelmed when in a room full of food enthusiasts, but everyone was in high spirits and keen to see how we were going to make 6 different dishes out of Total Greek Yoghurt.

The team who put the event together were really generous and my cookery skills got a well needed confidence boost when I
got the thumbs up from Chef for my quenelles! The chef was hilarious and none other than former Chez Bruce and Claridges Chef, Andre Dupin.
The whole event was being filmed for a live stream on the Internet and Chef Andre was centre stage. When the camera man requested that Andre repeat something for the close up or stir something facing the camera he would
just shoot him a look. This look (which I must endeavour to learn) in a split second seemed to encapsulate a rolling of the eyes, a shaking of a fist and a sigh all wrapped up into a deft flash of the whites of his eyeballs.

Andre and his team had come up with some great dishes for us to make and devour. Some used Greek Yoghurt as the key ingredient such as
Tartare of Mackerel with Minted Cucumber Soup but other dishes it just seemed to sneak in there for fun like the Chestnut Tiramisu Rapide. Yoghurty or not, the recipes were really good and I still cannot believe how many great people there are writing and blogging about food.
I jumped on the tube as if waking up from a brilliant dream clutching my free Total Greek
Yoghurt goodie bag.

Everything we eat now is quenelle shaped.

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