Saturday, 21 May 2011

Je m'appelle Miriam

Having run away to the big smoke it is no surprise that I am meeting loads of new people. In addition to the inevitable do-we-shake-hands-hug-or-kiss-on-cheek-panic-attack I am also finding the "what do you do?" question increasingly complicated.
So, just this once, here is the long answer:
At the moment I am working part-time for a facilities management company. I help with administrative processes and training material and go to meetings and surprisingly for some, I do really enjoy it. The rest of the time I am (for want of a better word) a foodie. The hope (aka "The Master Plan") is to tie my food related strings together in a big bow of a restaurant within the next 10 years (give or take). These strings currently include but are not limited to; writing this blog,
being the self-proclaimed Editor of a teeny tiny foodzine also called Cakes and Canap├ęs, occasionally dabbling in private catering and having a reputation for making wacky cake creations - including a 4 dimensional cake, a giant Oreo cookie and birthday cake made of meat.
Since the invention of twitter
up sprung helpful websites which shrink long URLs to give you a much more tweet friendly sized link. Can some
one invent a website where I can type in my 2 job descriptions and it can then spew out a more
manageable soundbite please?

Tonight I'm going to a dinner party where the guests will all be intelligent writers, professional chefs and serious foodies, no doubt, (not really sure how I managed to get an invite). I'm feeling a little out of my depth and knowing that I am a lightweight when it comes to wine the dreaded employment question is likely to go one of two ways. I'll either tell each person something different (causing confusion between subsequent cross-conversations) or I will explain both my professions at length and only when their eyes start to glaze will I know I've covered everything in full. Perhaps I should just lie?

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